What Do Our Tiny People Need?

Kids activities, what do children need?

In a world where everyone spends hours on electronic devices are we drowning in a sea of technology and losing sight of what our children really need?

When I was a child I remember hours of fun spent in the garden making mud pies, riding my bike, dressing up and most importantly time with my parents. We went on walks, visited amazing places and sometimes just stayed at home, but we talked and laughed together, shared stories and our lives. As I go about my life today I see children in restaurants on ipads and parents walking with their little ones who are so desperate to point something out. Sadly their Mum or Dad is too busy on their phone to even notice. We are all guilty of these things and I don’t want to pass judgment on someone who needs ten minutes time out, however, we can all be honest with ourselves. Our children need us to be present and we need to be able to look back at the time we spent with our children with no regrets.

So what is important to a preschool child? What do they need from us? Children need our guidance, they need us to be role models, sharing our values and showing them how to behave. They need to feel and hear that they are loved in order to feel secure and become confident human beings. They need us to play with them and to teach them new skills, sharing our passions, thoughts and feelings.

In the words of Max Lacado, ‘children spell love in four letters, T I M E’

Through offering our time our little ones will benefit from the following:

Talking often: open communication is the key to understanding our children and to them understanding our thoughts and feelings.

Instruction: supporting our children to make good choices through discipline and guidance.

Modeling: learning new skills through you and setting a positive example.

Emotional security: knowing that they are loved.

In a nutshell all our children really need and want is for us to be there so put down your phones and pick up that spade because your children won’t be small for long!