What do kids love so much about trains?

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Most little boys are obsessed with trains, right? Forgive the stereotype for a minute ....... People used to believe that this was due to nurture and boys being exposed to trains from a young age, however, scientists believe more and more that boys are just born this way. A study was done in 2008 (Hassett, Siebert, & Wallen, Hormones and Behaviour) where a group of monkeys were given cars and dolls. The male monkeys gravitated towards the cars and the females played with the dolls. Scientists believe that the reason for this may be testosterone. Of course some little girls love trains too and this should be encouraged as playing with trains develops spatial awareness and reasoning. In fact playing with trains is fabulous for supporting many areas of a child's development.  Whilst playing with trains children are developing...

creativity and imagination, they are creating stories in their heads as they play.

social and communication skills, they are interacting with others, negotiating and taking turns.

problem solving skills, how can I make my train go the correct way around the track and use the points to change the train's direction?

fine motor skills, placing the train onto the track and putting the track back together.

These are all skills that will help your child excel in school, especially in areas such as Maths, Science and Technology so embrace the obsession!