How Toddlers Learn


Toddlers soak up information like sponges! My son has the memory of an elephant and asks questions about every single thing on the planet. So how exactly do toddlers learn and how can we help them?

Toddlers learn best through seeing and doing.

They learn through:

  • watching and observing.

  • exploring how things work, exploring objects and toys.

  • listening to what you are saying and through the explanations that you offer.

  • asking lots of questions about things they don't understand. This drives us crazy but it's feeding their thirst for knowledge.

  • trying out new things.

Toddlers learn through play. Play is not an optional activity for our small people it is a must and it is where a large portion of their learning occurs. Through play they learn skills such as problem solving, gross and fine motor skills and social skills. There are many different types of play and children learn best when we offer them a variety of play activities. Here are a few examples of things we can offer:

  • Pretend play, dressing up and role play.

  • Water play.

  • Construction play, building with Duplo, boxes etc.

  • Outdoor play, go and explore your garden or the local park. The options for play are endless.

  • Sing and read to you child, this supports language development.

  • Encourage them to draw with chalk, crayons and paint.

  • Messy play, explore different textures with your child such as jelly or cooked pasta.

When we are busy around the house we can also help our children learn by explaining what we are doing and involving them in washing and cooking activities.

Our toddlers don't need expensive toys they just need us to model for them, talk to them and explain the world to them. At this age we are their best teachers and their best friends.