Rub a dub dub Science in the tub


I am constantly thinking of exciting ways to jazz up my little one’s bathtime and then it dawned on me that most of what we do is science based. Science is observing and exploring the world around us so why not promote scientific discovery in the tub? It keeps them entertained and the crazy mess that is science to a minimum.

Here are our top fun things to do at bathtime!

Glow bath- Fill the bath with anything that glows, glow sticks, flashing balls and glowing ducks. Switch off the lights and explore light and shadows.

Brrrr ice- Explore melting with coloured ice. You can make this by freezing food dye in containers of different sizes and shapes.

Bubble Fun- It sounds obvious but fill the bath with bubble bath and let the kids explore with whisks and straws. Make bubble sculptures at the side of the bath and watch the bubbles pop.

Dissolving- Explore what happens to bath bombs, coloured sugar crystals and salt flakes when these are mixed into the bath. Do pebbles do the same?

Sinking and Floating- Offer a collection of objects and see which float and sink. You could also try making mini boats in the day and test these at bath time.

Suction- Test to see which objects stick to a tiled wall when wet. Foam building blocks or shapes are the ultimate fun!

Spinning toys- Take the plug out of the bath and observe the vortex (the water spinning around). See if it can make rubber ducks, boats and other toys do the same.

Take the plunge (excuse the pun) and let’s bring some magic back to bathtime!